People Achieving Active and Healthy Lifestyles
Board of Directors

Executive Director – Terry Jones,
Past -President – Pam Rogers –
President – Dr. Rebecca Wylie –

President-Elect – Nhu Nguyen –


Officers & Appointed Board

Parliamentarian – Elizabeth Sharp
Convention – Donna Carey,
Legislative Consultant – Kayla Tibbles
Technology – Danielle Musser,
Treasury – Pam Ianni
CDE Liaison – Jamie Hurley

Board Members

Becky Wylie, Terry Jones, Bryanna Mieles, Elizabeth Sharp, Jennifer Johnson, Holly Wells, Debbie Luithly, Lisa Paulson, Kathy Hogan, Jamie Hurley, Donna Macias, Kanae Haneishi, Tyler Quinn, Addie Howard, Karen Marley, Jennifer Krause, Alaine West, Shelbi Wagner, Murray Wallace, Veronica Becerra, Ann Flanagan, Johnny Ford, Ayme Zortman, Danielle Musser, Nhu Nguyen, Jennifer Smith, Pam Rogers, Grace McGinnis, Jesse Weber, Travis Larkin, Elizabeth Lee, Mary Pezzulo, Sara Wood, Kristin Gilmore, Katie Redfield, Pamela Ianni, Laurie LaComb, Steven Hill. Bailey Clark, Bryson Davis, Jesse Weber, Brian Dauenhauer, Stephanie Berg, Katie Thompson, Jennifer Gutierrez, Genevieve (Jenna) Altomare, Nate Melson, Chris Hecht, Branden Knox, Lilli Parrino , Rylie Crouch, NON-Voting Members, Gylton De Matta. Nick Walker