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🌟 SHAPE Colorado representing at the SHAPE America Convention in Cleveland! 🌟

🎉 Let’s hear it for our SHAPE Colorado students making waves at the SHAPE America Convention in Cleveland! 🌟
Kicking things off, Jesse Weber is hosting the prestigious Major of the Year award ceremony. 🏆 We couldn’t be prouder of our outstanding students who’ve been recognized for their exceptional dedication and passion in health, physical education, recreation, and dance!
Congratulations to Grace McGinnis and Travis Larkin from Metro State University, Matthew Perkins from Colorado State University – Pueblo, and Harrison Godin from Colorado Mesa University for being awarded as SHAPE America Majors of the Year! 🙌 Your hard work and commitment are truly commendable.
Let’s continue to shine a light on the incredible achievements of our students as they represent SHAPE Colorado with excellence! 💫 #SHAPEAmerica #SHAPECleveland #physed #healthed #StudentSuccess #FutureLeaders

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