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9 Additional Tips to Enhance Your Experience at the SHAPE CO Convention

9 Additional Tips to Enhance Your Experience at the SHAPE Colorado Convention


Try out new products: Take the time to explore new products, technologies or instructional materials that can enhance your PE program.
Attend exhibits: Attend the exhibits and meet with vendors to get more information about what they offer.
Learn to listen actively: Actively listening helps you glean insights, evaluate concepts, and share experiences.
Join discussions: Join group discussions or panels as a way to engage with other attendees and speakers.
Take feedback: Be open to feedback about your PE program or classroom practices.
Participate actively: Be proactive about participating in demos, case studies, interactive sessions or hands-on practices.
Stay hydrated: Stay hydrated by packing a water bottle and keeping yourself refreshed.
Stay connected: Stay connected with the PE community by connecting with other attendees on social media.
Take a personal day: Schedule a personal day or vacation day after the conference to reflect on and apply what you learned.
Follow up after the conference: Follow up with leads, vendors and fellow attendees after the conference to network and solidify new relationships.

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