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Advocating for Inclusivity: Katie Spirek’s Journey as a SHAPE Colorado Board Member

SHAPE Colorado is delighted to highlight the contributions of Katie Spirek, an esteemed board member who has been making a significant impact on the field of adapted physical education. Katie’s passion for inclusivity and dedication to her students exemplify the values that SHAPE Colorado holds dear.

Meet Katie Spirek

Years as a Board Member: 1
Teaching Location: Jeffco
Social Media Handles:
– Instagram: [@jeffcoschoolsco](
– Twitter: [@JeffcoSchoolsCo](
– Facebook: [Jeffco Public Schools – Colorado](

School District’s Social Media Handles: N/A

– Adapted Physical Education Specialist
– Pronouns: She/Her

College/University Background:
– UW Whitewater (Undergraduate)
– UW LaCrosse (Graduate School)

Katie’s Teaching Journey

Katie Spirek embarked on her teaching career in Illinois before moving to Colorado six years ago. As an Adapted Physical Education Specialist, she believes that everyone is capable of being physically literate, regardless of age or ability. Katie thrives on the challenge of finding innovative ways to provide her students access to various games and sports alongside their same-age general education peers. Additionally, she is passionate about educating fellow teachers on creating inclusive environments in physical education classrooms.

Movement Enthusiast

Outside the classroom, Katie loves to hike with her husband and dogs. Her enthusiasm for outdoor activities extends to the mountains, where she engages in various adventures. In the summer, Katie enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors, especially working at an adventure camp for people with disabilities, where activities include hiking, rafting, and ropes courses.

Promoting Social and Emotional Health

Katie incorporates calm-down activities at the end of each class to not only cool down the body but also calm the nervous system. These activities range from breathwork and mindfulness to bringing awareness to different parts of the body, fostering positive social and emotional health in her classroom.

Advocacy and Membership

Katie believes in the importance of advocating for her profession and sharing her passion with others. She chose to become a member of SHAPE Colorado to learn more about the field and contribute to the advocacy for physical education in Colorado. Katie’s commitment led her to step into the role of a SHAPE Colorado Board Member, where she actively participates in advancing the goals of the organization and promoting inclusivity in physical education.

SHAPE Colorado is grateful for Katie Spirek’s dedication, advocacy, and contributions to the field. Her commitment to inclusivity and passion for physical education make her an invaluable member of our board, and we look forward to continued collaboration and impact. Thank you, Katie, for your outstanding service!

Katie Spirek Adapted Physical Educat "At the end of each class, I like to do a calm down activity to not only cool down the body but to calm down the nervous system. Those range from breath work, mindfulness, or bringing awareness to different parts of the body. "ion Specialist

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