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Celebrating Dr. Rebecca Wylie’s Visit to Grand Junction Colorado

🌟 Celebrating Dr. Rebecca Wylie’s Visit to Grand Junction, Colorado! 🌟

We were honored to welcome Dr. Rebecca Wylie, the President of the Society of Health and Physical Education Colorado, to our beautiful corner of the Centennial State. During her visit, she teamed up with Dr. Elizabeth Sharp from Colorado Mesa University to catch up with some exceptional alumni who are making a difference in our community!

In the photos, you’ll meet some outstanding individuals dedicated to shaping the future of health, physical education, and dance in our schools. 🏫💃🏀

👩‍🏫 Meet Kara Baysinger, a student teacher with an immense passion for nurturing the next generation’s well-being.

🙌 Ryan Schoepherster and Jacob Royster are shining examples of CMU grads who’ve dedicated their careers to promoting high-quality school programs. Their commitment to fostering healthier, more active lives is truly inspiring.

Dr. Rebecca Wylie’s visit underscores the critical advocacy work that SHAPE CO does to highlight the importance of quality health and physical education programs. We’re on a mission to empower the youth of Colorado to lead healthier lives through education and physical activity. 🌈💪

Let’s continue our journey toward a brighter, healthier future together! 💖 #SHAPECO #HealthEducation #PhysicalEducation #DanceEducation #CommunityAdvocacy

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