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Funding Your Journey to the Colorado Adapted Physical Education Conference

Are you excited about the upcoming Colorado Adapted Physical Education Conference on May 19-21, 2024, but finding it tough to secure funding from your school district? Don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas to help you make it happen! Here are some creative ways to explore:

  1. Local Business Support: Reach out to businesses in our community that care about education. Restaurants, gyms, tech companies, and local shops might be thrilled to sponsor you in exchange for a shoutout or other perks.
  2. Grants and Scholarships: Check out grants and scholarships offered by schools, foundations, and nonprofits. There’s often money set aside specifically for teachers like us to attend conferences and grow professionally.
  3. Corporate Connections: Big companies often love to give back through education programs. Think about reaching out to those in fields related to education, sports, health, or technology for sponsorship possibilities.
  4. Community Connections: Let’s not forget about our amazing local clubs and groups. Clubs like Rotary or community foundations might have grants or support available for teachers like us.

Remember, when you’re talking to potential sponsors, be sure to share how their support will make a difference for both you and your students. And even if our district can’t help out, there’s still so much opportunity out there. Let’s get creative and reach out to our community for the support we need.

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