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Honoring Dr. Elizabeth Sharp For Her Exceptional Teaching

Celebrating Dr. Elizabeth Sharp: A Beacon of Dedication to Education and Wellness

In the realm of education and wellness, certain individuals shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the lives they touch. Dr. Elizabeth Sharp, a distinguished figure at Colorado Mesa University and a stalwart supporter of SHAPE Colorado, stands out as an inspiring educator, mentor, and advocate for health and physical education. As we reflect on her remarkable commitment, it becomes evident that her influence extends far beyond the classroom.

Dr. Sharp’s journey at Colorado Mesa University has been marked by unwavering dedication to her students and fellow faculty members. Serving as a beacon of knowledge, passion, and mentorship, she has consistently gone above and beyond to create an enriching learning environment. Her commitment to academic excellence and student success has not only shaped the lives of individual students but has also contributed significantly to the overall educational experience at the university.

As an advocate for wellness and physical education, Dr. Sharp has played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of health on the Colorado Mesa University campus. Her innovative approaches to teaching and curriculum development have empowered students to embrace a holistic understanding of well-being. By integrating the latest research and best practices, she has inspired a new generation of educators and wellness enthusiasts.

Dr. Sharp’s impact extends well beyond the confines of Colorado Mesa University. Her involvement and leadership in SHAPE Colorado have further solidified her reputation as a trailblazer in the field. As a former president of SHAPE Colorado, she has actively contributed to the organization’s mission of promoting health, physical education, recreation, and dance in the state. Her dedication to advancing the profession has not only enriched the organization but has also strengthened the collaborative spirit among educators across Colorado.

One of Dr. Sharp’s most enduring contributions lies in her role as a mentor. Through her guidance, she has empowered countless students and colleagues to reach their full potential. Her mentorship extends beyond the classroom, fostering a sense of community and support that transcends traditional academic boundaries.

Dr. Elizabeth Sharp’s commitment to Colorado Mesa University, SHAPE Colorado, and the broader community exemplifies the transformative power of dedicated educators. Her passion for wellness, physical education, and mentorship has left an indelible legacy, shaping the future of the education landscape in Colorado. As we celebrate Dr. Sharp’s contributions, we are reminded of the profound impact that one individual can have on the lives of many, leaving an enduring legacy of inspiration and excellence.

This is what Dr. Sharp had to say about the special ceremony that took place at Colorado Mesa University.

“I am so honored. My incredible department head, Jeremy Hawkins spearheaded an initiative to honor me today. In the new Foster Field House, where I teach PE, they renamed Court 5, Court 44 in my honor. This is the court where I teach my all PE classes. #44 is my high school basketball number and has had great meaning to me throughout my life.
In all my years of higher education, I have always dreamed of a building or something being named after me. When they were building the current building, my students joked about spray painting my name on the building. (I of course discouraged this, but thought it was sweet). Today that dream came true. I can’t believe that I will get to teach on court 44.
There was over 100 people at the ceremony. They signed cards, gave me flowers, and I gave each a hug. It was exhausting and overwhelming. I am so supported at my university. This place is so special. My students said they were encouraged by seeing how many people supported me. I was overwhelmed with how many people came: faculty, admin, staff, Christian ministries, students, graduates, local PE teachers, friends, and more. I am so loved and supported.
Tomorrow I will post a medical update. It is getting harder and the news isn’t the greatest. But today in the midst of pain, I will just remember how loved and supported I am. And I will dream of the lessons I hope to teach next week on Court 44.” – Dr. Elizabeth Sharp

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