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**Empowering Physical Educators: OPEN/AHA Training at Eagleview Elementary School**
Attention all physical education educators! Get ready for an engaging and informative training session at Eagleview Elementary School in Thornton, CO.
**Venue Details:**
– **Venue Name:** Eagleview Elementary School
– **Address:** 4601 Summit Grove Parkway, Thornton, CO 80241
– **Contact Name:** Kathy Hogan
– **SHAPE CO PD Board Member Session Facilitator:** Kathy Hogan
**Event Details:**
– **Title of Presentation:** OPEN/AHA Training
– **Date:** Saturday, April 13th, 2024
– **Time:** 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
– **Grade Level:** K-12
This workshop, facilitated by SHAPE CO PD Board Member Kathy Hogan, promises to be a dynamic and practical session for physical educators of all grade levels. Titled “OPEN/AHA Training,” the focus will be on utilizing OPEN’s free standards-based curriculum resources to enhance physical education instruction.
Participants can expect an activity-based session, so come prepared to move and engage! The workshop will provide creative ways to involve students and deliver lessons that guarantee academic rigor, regardless of the instructional environment.
Key highlights of the session include:
– Exploring OPEN’s instructional modules with a wealth of research-based teaching tools.
– Integrating academic language resources, depth of knowledge tiered question techniques, Marzano academic rigor strategies, universal design strategies, and social and emotional learning integration into lessons.
– Addressing assessment and evaluation in learning management systems.
– Planning for changing educational environments.
This comprehensive training is tailored to meet the needs of a diverse audience, spanning from kindergarten to 12th grade educators. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your teaching skills, exchange ideas with peers, and explore innovative approaches to physical education instruction.
Don’t miss out on this enriching professional development opportunity! Mark your calendars for April 13th and join us at Eagleview Elementary School for the OPEN/AHA Training. Together, let’s empower physical educators and inspire active, healthy lifestyles in our students.

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