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PE for All Press Release


Dec. 6, 2016
Contact: Michele Ames
Report outlines questions about quantity and equity of physical education for students across Colorado Coalition outlines importance of quality physical education and difficulty in determining whether all students receive it

(DENVER, Dec. 6, 2016) – A reported released today by the PE for All Colorado Coalition outlines the importance of quality physical education for all students and identifies data serious challenges in determining whether students are receiving equitable instruction.

The report identifies the need for physical education as part of an overall education as well as catalogues the difficulties of identifying whether Colorado students are getting equitable access to physical education across the state’s 178 school districts. Visit the PE for All Colorado coalition website to read more and see the full report.

The report’s key findings include:

PE programs in Colorado vary widely. Whether that is a result of different policies, classroom schedules and school calendars, physical space limitations, or teacher shortages, PE is not the same in any two places. It is challenging to assess the quality of PE in the state as a result.

There are limited tools to determine the nature of each PE program and how they differ from each other. The only data regularly collected by the State of Colorado is a series of questions on student health and wellness embedded in the school performance reporting.

From anecdotal evidence and conversations with school district leadership across the state, children are not receiving adequate time in PE class or moving enough throughout the day.

The most significant barrier to implementing and maintaining quality PE programs in Colorado are constitutional fiscal limitations leading to limited financial resources within district budgets.

On one end, school districts do not have enough funds. On the other end, they have increased pressure to improve academic achievement, which has squeezed out other priorities, including PE programs.

The PE for All Colorado Coalition was formed to increase and improve physical education in Colorado schools. Coalition members represent a broad and diverse group of organizations committed to the concept that physical education is an essential building block for ensuring healthy, successful children and adults and thriving communities. Members of the coalition include The Colorado Children’s Campaign, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Athletic Excellence, American Heart Association, LiveWell Colorado, SHAPE Colorado, Colorado Health Foundation, Healthier Colorado and Denver Health.

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