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SHAPE America – Success Stories – Weightlifting in Windsor

“My kids have always been active, but they have been pushed in other programs to advance too quickly, causing them to quit or sustain injuries,” notes a parent of two high school students in Windsor, CO. It’s a familiar scenario for many parents eager to nurture their child’s athleticism by enrolling them at a young age in a competitive sports league or program. As the stakes get higher, the pressure to win and be the best can lead to emotional burnout and injuries that can plague them for a lifetime. Some may give up on sports and exercise altogether.

How about a sport that teaches patience and consistency, encourages students to work within their own comfort level, and demands they fully master a technique before advancing to the next one?

Matt Cooper had this vision five years ago when he began teaching physical education at Colorado’s Windsor High School. Both a competitor and USA Weightlifting National Coach, Cooper knew firsthand about the sport’s physical benefits — balance, flexibility, speed, raw strength and core stability — and the emotional benefits such as patience, confidence, and motivation to adopt a nutritious, healthy lifestyle.

“In weightlifting, students learn how to work toward something and focus on the details,” says Cooper, a SHAPE America member. “They learn that if you’re going to commit yourself to something, you need to do it exactly right to achieve your full potential.”

Having heard many competitors lament that they wish they had started weightlifting earlier, he decided to bring the Olympic style sport to his own students.

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