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Spotlight on Lisa Paulson: A Dedicated SHAPE Colorado Board Member

SHAPE Colorado is honored to shine a spotlight on one of our esteemed board members, Lisa Paulson, who has been an integral part of our organization for the past two years. Lisa’s dedication to the field of health and physical education, coupled with her wealth of experience and passion for positive change, makes her an invaluable asset to SHAPE Colorado.

Meet Lisa Paulson

Years as a Board Member: 2
Teaching Location: University of Northern Colorado
Social Media Handles:
– Twitter: [@pauls640](
– Instagram: [lpaulson88](
– Facebook: [Lisa Marie](


– PhD Candidate
– SHAPE America Physical Activity Council Chair

Lisa’s Teaching Journey

Lisa brings a diverse and enriching background to her role as a board member. Formerly a Physical Education, Health Education, and Adapted Physical Education teacher in Minnesota, Lisa dedicated six years to teaching in a Montessori Charter School. Her journey then led her to the PETE/HETE program at her alma mater, the University of Minnesota Duluth, where she spent three years in teacher preparation.

Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Northern Colorado, Lisa is set to graduate this Spring. Her next steps involve contributing as a teacher educator and emerging scholar, continuing to shape the future of health and physical education.

Movement Enthusiast

Lisa’s favorite ways to move her body include lifting, tennis, basketball, hiking, and anything that involves play. Her enthusiasm for various physical activities reflects her commitment to a holistic approach to well-being.

Promoting Social and Emotional Health

Lisa emphasizes the importance of building relationships and embedding social-emotional learning (SEL) throughout programs. In her teaching philosophy, SEL isn’t a one-stop lesson or unit but a continuous, intentional integration across subject areas. Lisa leverages the Adventure Education curriculum model, Health Moves Minds, and journaling as assessments to measure students’ learning and progress in the affective domain.

Why SHAPE Colorado?

Lisa strongly advocates for health and physical educators in Colorado to be a part of SHAPE Colorado. For her, joining the organization that supports and empowers professionals in the field is a no-brainer.

Serving on the Board

Lisa’s decision to step into the role of SHAPE Colorado Board Member stems from her dedication to the health and physical education profession at various levels. Believing in the importance of state organizations for the socialization of students in teacher preparation programs, Lisa finds energy and rejuvenation in the collaborative efforts of the Board of Directors and committees. Her passion for doing what’s best for teachers and, ultimately, the students in Colorado is a driving force in her service.

SHAPE Colorado is honored to have Lisa Paulson as a committed board member, and we look forward to the continued positive impact she will bring to our organization and the broader field of health and physical education. Thank you, Lisa, for your passion, dedication, and service!

Meet the members of the board. Lisa Paulson PhD Candidate SHAPE America Physical Activity Council Chair. The energy and rejuvenation we get not only from convention, but BOD/Committee meetings and simply engaging in work we are all passionate about to do what's best for our teachers, and ultimately the KIDDOS in the state of Colorado is why I choose to serve.

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