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Unveiling the Heart of SHAPE Colorado: Shaping Lives through Physical Education and Health

Welcome to SHAPE Colorado, where our passion for shaping lives through physical education and health takes center stage. As an organization dedicated to advancing the fields of physical education, physical activity, and health, SHAPE Colorado plays a pivotal role in empowering educators, fostering healthy communities, and promoting lifelong well-being. Let’s delve into the heart of what makes SHAPE Colorado a driving force in our mission to cultivate a healthier, more active Colorado.

Our Mission:

The Society of Health and Physical Educators of Colorado’s mission is to inspire and support diverse professionals to enhance the physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being of school communities.

Professional Development:

SHAPE Colorado is committed to elevating the standards of physical education through comprehensive professional development programs. Our organization provides a platform for educators to enhance their skills, stay abreast of the latest research, and exchange best practices. From workshops and conferences to webinars and resource sharing, we aim to empower educators with the tools and knowledge needed to create impactful learning experiences for their students.


Advocacy is at the heart of our endeavors. SHAPE Colorado actively engages in promoting policies that support quality physical education and advocate for the importance of health and physical activity in schools and communities. We work collaboratively with legislators, policymakers, and stakeholders to ensure that the value of physical education remains a priority in shaping the future of our youth.

Community Outreach:

SHAPE Colorado recognizes the importance of building strong, healthy communities. Through various outreach programs, we strive to extend our impact beyond the classroom. From community events and wellness initiatives to partnerships with local organizations, we actively contribute to fostering an environment that promotes physical activity and overall well-being.

Inclusivity and Diversity:

Diversity is our strength, and inclusivity is our mantra. SHAPE Colorado is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the realm of physical education and health. We embrace a holistic approach that considers the unique needs of every individual, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

SHAPE Colorado stands as a beacon of inspiration in the pursuit of a healthier, more active Colorado. Our organization’s unwavering commitment to professional development, advocacy, community outreach, and inclusivity makes us a driving force in shaping lives through physical education and health. Join us on this journey as we continue to make a lasting impact, one step, one classroom, and one community at a time. Together, we shape the future.

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