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We want you! Call for Convention Session Proposals

Call for Session Proposals for the 2024 Convention
Hello SHAPE Colorado Friends,
Do you have a passion for what you teach? A burning curiosity to explore something new and share the
excitement with your colleagues? Can you inspire a new generation of educators? SHAPE COLORADO
wants you to present at our 2024 Convention October 6 th – 8 th ! Our deadline for submissions is May 1,
Each year your SHAPE Colorado Board Members strive to bring you relevant, fun and engaging content
at the annual convention. At the conclusion of each convention we send out a survey and one of the
questions asked is “what are some topic suggestions for next year?” and we are incredibly grateful for
the responses we receive. Here’s what you asked for and we need your help finding presenters for the
 Social Emotional Learning – Elementary and Secondary, Neurodiverse
 Adapted PE
 Different fundraising opportunities
 Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI)
 Resistance/Strength training
 Long-term athletic development
 Health and Nutrition
 Legal/ethical professional behavior
 Appropriate v. inappropriate teaching practices
 New National Standards – implementation and formative practice in action
 Rugby incorporated games
 Games K-12, homemade equipment, PE on a shoestring budget
 PreK – 2 nd grade activities
 Jump Rope, Tinikling
 Modifying sports at different levels
 Physical activities as punishment – more and different options
 How to set up a Unified PE program
 Trauma informed instruction
 Dance
 Coaching sessions
 Technology
 Health – K-12 – Coordinators session
 How to Increase Motivation
 Yoga and Mindfulness
Help your colleagues! Make your mark on your field! Be awesome – present at 2024 convention! Click
here to submit your session proposal.
Donna Macias
Convention Manager

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