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Colorado Jr. Wheelchair Sports Camp

The Colorado Jr. Wheelchair Sports Camp is on day number two for its campers! It is a sports camp for the physically disabled, designed for children who use a wheelchair or could use a wheelchair so that they are able to compete in wheelchair sports or are ambulatory and have a physical disability. The Colorado Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp enables youth with disabilities to enjoy the same experience a day camp provides to their able-bodied peers. It will be most beneficial for youth with the ability to learn the rules of specific sports. This sports camp is FREE to students with disabilities ages 6-21.

This camp is made possible through the volunteer efforts of over 100 people giving of their time throughout the week. The volunteer staff is comprised of youth and adults who come from varied backgrounds. They are family members, students (ages 14+), teachers, nurses, physical therapists, and other individuals interested in supporting youth with disabilities.

The instructional staff includes adults who use a wheelchair for mobility. They are active in wheelchair sports and work in the community. Some of the staff members are former campers.

Assisting Sponsors

Spina Bifida Association of Colorado
Adaptive Adventures
Front Range Orthotics
Children’s Hospital
Craig Hospital
Helping Heroes
Web Welder

Facilities Courtesy of

Aurora Public Schools


Article Provided By CDE APE Advisory Council

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