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Discovering Passion and Purpose: Kanae Haneishi’s Journey with SHAPE Colorado

SHAPE Colorado takes immense pride in showcasing individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and excellence in the realm of physical education and wellness. Today, we shine the spotlight on Kanae Haneishi, an esteemed board member whose commitment to her craft is both inspiring and invaluable.
With two years of service as a board member, Kanae Haneishi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SHAPE Colorado. Currently serving as an Associate Professor at Western Colorado University, Kanae’s influence extends far beyond the confines of her classroom. She is deeply entrenched in the mission of shaping the future of physical education and coaching, igniting passion and instilling knowledge in her students.
Kanae’s educational journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her field. She holds an impressive array of credentials, including an Ed.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, with a specialization in Sport Pedagogy in Physical Education and Coaching. Additionally, she earned dual Master’s degrees from Smith College and the University of Memphis in Exercise and Sport Studies and Human Movement Science in Exercise and Sport Science, respectively. Her academic foundation is rooted in a Bachelor’s degree from Juntendo University in Sport and Health Science.
Kanae’s favorite ways to move her body reflect her love for the outdoors and all things sports-related. Whether it’s playing soccer, hiking, or engaging in any other outdoor activity, she finds solace and rejuvenation in nature. For Kanae, being in the great outdoors isn’t just about physical activity—it’s about connecting with nature and nurturing her overall well-being.
Her passion for promoting positive social and emotional health extends beyond personal endeavors and permeates into her professional life. Kanae firmly believes in the power of networking and continuous learning, which she views as indispensable tools for personal and collective growth. It is this ethos of collaboration and shared learning that drew her to SHAPE Colorado—an organization that she describes as “an amazing group of people who are passionate about our field.”
As a board member, Kanae is committed to harnessing her expertise and passion to advance the goals of SHAPE Colorado. She sees her role as an opportunity to contribute to a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to advocating for the importance of health and physical education in schools and communities across Colorado.
In Kanae Haneishi, SHAPE Colorado finds not only a dedicated board member but also a beacon of inspiration and advocacy. Her unwavering commitment to her craft and her community serves as a reminder of the profound impact that passionate individuals can have in shaping a healthier, more active future for generations to come.

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