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Wednesday Spotlights: Shaping Leadership, Unveiling Excellence! SHAPE Colorado Board of Directors

Pam Rogers, a distinguished individual who served as a past President of SHAPE Colorado, boasts a wealth of experience and a commitment to education. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a Master’s degree from Grand Canyon University, Pam has a solid educational foundation. Her extensive career includes roles as a retired Denver Public Schools Physical Education Teacher, Curriculum Specialist, and Instructional Manager for Arts and PE. Additionally, Pam has contributed to the athletic community as the Active High School Boys and Girls Head Tennis Coach at Sand Creek High School in Colorado Springs. Passionate about advocating for quality education, Pam joined SHAPE Colorado to enhance her understanding of Physical Education and Health programs in the state, embodying a dedication to the well-being of students and the advancement of educational excellence.

photo of a woman with short blond hair and light cream colored skin and glasses smiling. She is wearing a blue headband and matching shirt. She has on glasses. The text says meet the board of directors, shape colorado, with a shape colorado logo. More text stating, "Pam Rogers past president "I joined SHAPE Colorado to learn more about our states physical education and health programming and to advocate for quality education for our students.

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