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Advocating for Physical Education and Student Well-being: A Journey with Bryson Davis

Meet Bryson Davis, a passionate advocate for physical education and the well-being of his students. With a Bachelor’s in Sports and Exercise Science and a Minor in Human Services from the University of Northern Colorado, Bryson embarked on his teaching journey in Moffat County, Craig Colorado. As a first-year teacher at Ridgeview Elementary School, Bryson is deeply involved in his community, striving to advocate for his program, his rural district, and, most importantly, his students.

“I am heavily involved in my community as a first-year teacher and do my best to advocate for my program, my rural district, and most importantly, my students,” Bryson shares.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Bryson finds joy in various physical activities. “I love to hike, long-distance run, and weight train,” he says, emphasizing the importance of leading by example when promoting a healthy lifestyle to his students.

Recognizing the significance of social and emotional health, Bryson incorporates strategies to promote positive well-being in his classroom and personal life. “Doing regular occurring SEL check-ins, including SEL concepts in daily lessons, and having deep and meaningful conversations with students,” he explains, are some of his favorite ideas for nurturing students’ social and emotional development.

Bryson’s commitment to advancing physical education and student well-being led him to join SHAPE Colorado. “I chose to become a SHAPE CO member to advocate for the profession, my students, and physical activity,” Bryson affirms. “The other reason I joined is to be involved with SHAPE CO.”

Recently stepping into the role of SHAPE Colorado Board Member, Bryson aims to further his advocacy efforts and enhance his professional growth. “I want to advocate for the profession, my students, and physical activity,” he expresses. “I also want to be the best teacher I can be, and I know that can only happen if I surround myself with other professionals that have a combination of experience and education, and so I know this will help me grow as an individual.”

Through his dedication to his students, his community, and his profession, Bryson Davis exemplifies the transformative impact of passionate educators in shaping the future of physical education and student well-being.

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